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Pasifika Hutt Valley Community Activation Fund

Pacific Health Services Hutt Valley and Te Awakairangi Health Network are pleased to announce and launch the 2022 Pasifika Hutt Valley Community Activation Fund.

The Pasifika Hutt Valley Community Activation Fund has been established to support Pacific groups and communities living in the Hutt Valley region (Lower and Upper Hutt) to continue to respond, increase vaccination rates, recover, and increase resiliency to the health and social impacts of Covid-19. The fund will also help support community driven and mobilisation initiatives that lead to full Covid-19 vaccinations and other immunisations for those aged 5 and over and booster uptake, and continuing the critical work already undertaken by community groups in the fight against Covid-19.

“We know that Pacific families have been largely impacted by Covid-19 and the efforts to increase vaccination rates and support for families affected over the last year is a direct result of working closely with Pacific communities and Community leaders at a grassroots level, and the joint efforts of PHSHV and Te AHN. This fund helps us ensure Pacific families continue to be protected and supported” Nanai Muaau (CEO PHSHV) and Bridget Allan (CEO Te AHN).

Enabling and empowering Pacific communities to lead and manage some aspects of their health and wellbeing that is within their control will help ease the burden on an already overworked Pacific and wider health workforce. The COVID 19 pandemic has posed several risks for the Pacific population.  A focus on community activation and resourcing will also leverage the strengths of the Pacific communities to implement the solutions that works for them, to determine the nature of community that they aspire to and to implement changes themselves.


What is the grant fund for and who can apply?

The purpose of the fund will to be to support Pacific community groups (church groups, ethnic specific community groups, sports groups, life groups etc) domiciled in the Hutt Valley to identify programs that will help support.

1.     Increase vaccination uptake for Covid-19 Vaccinations and other immunisations

2.     Good health and wellbeing

3.     Address challenges as well as opportunities to improve Pacific people’s health.

4.     Community led, developed and delivered

5.     Enable communities to stay connected and well as part of the wider Covid-19 recovery response.


Grants allocated from the fund will be one-off.


How much grant funding is available?

The fund has an initial cap of up to $5,000.00 (excluding GST) per request.

Requests that are more than this initial cap will be considered by exception and we may ask for further documentation.

The fund is available from 1 October 2022 until it is fully allocated.


Eligibility criteria

To be considered for funding a community group must be; 

·         Domiciled and operate in the Hutt Valley region and is “Pacific by Pacific for Pacific”

·         80% Pacific membership

·         Focus on health and wellbeing initiatives that will benefit its members


Applications open from 1st October 2022 until fully allocated.

In the meantime if you have any questions, please email

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