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 Nutrition Support


Tino Atonio-Johnston
Registered Dietitian

Phone:  04 577 0394 


Tino Atonio-Johnston is our Registered Dietitian who provides nutrition support in the form of: 


  • Individual nutrition consultations

  • Group nutrition education

  • Cooking workshops

Nutrition support can also include

  • Meal ideas

  • Education on your health condition, e.g. diabetes, heart disease, allergies etc.

  • Label reading

  • Advice on special diets

  • Performance advice

A healthy balanced diet is key to good overall health and wellbeing and supports good physical and mental health. Tino works across all of our services to provide: 

  • Tailored nutrition support for individual clients and families to improve sports performance, diabetes, arthritis and overall wellbeing.

  • Nutrition support for mothers during pregnancy, breastfeeding and introduction of solid foods to their babies.

  • Group education for community groups participating in our Wellbeing programme.

Contact Tino If you, your family or group are looking for support or advice on healthy eating.

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Service features

  • Our services are free of charge

  • We have 1-on-1 sessions that you can self refer 

  • We also can offer group education sessions for a range of groups and conditions, e.g. mums groups, sports teams, long-term conditions, whānau groups, churches etc.

  • It doesn’t matter what age/stage you are, we can provide you with nutrition advice

  • Our consults can happen at our Pacific Health Service-Hutt Valley offices in Naenae, at your own home, or online


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