Our Board

"Pacific Health Services Hutt Valley aspires to deliver on its desire to not only be an effective and mandated health and social service advocate for our Pacific Peoples in the Hutt Valley but also to be the leading primary provider of these services to our Pacific communities."
Chair of Board, Rev  Vaegaau (Au) Liko
Strategic Plan

Our communities have many expectations of us. We must set goals that deliver value for our people and be clear about what we can deliver, what we can influence and what is outside our control.



  • Our People’s needsPasefika people look to us to advocate for the range of health and social services they need. These needs are diverse and exist across all Pasefika ethnic groups residing in the Hutt Valley. Our people expect us to have their interests at heart and to have an influence over the range of services offered to meet their needs. This expectation is more than simply being a service provider alongside other service providers. It is about having a population interest. Health needs assessment is an ideal area where we could work more closely with the Hutt Valley DHB, Te Awakairangi PHO and with other providers. We currently complete our own analysis and could benefit from the wider information and analysis. Our partners would also gain from our more detailed analysis of Pasefika health need.

  • Impact – We need to boost our ability to show the impact of our services to our community and to funders. We expect our service impacts to be recognised and acknowledged by other providers and by funders.

  • InfluenceWe want to be involved in decisions about the range and mix of services available to Pasefika people so that best gains are made. We will build stronger relationships and partnerships to develop our role and influence. We want to be considered as the first port of call for discussion on improving the health and well-being of Pasefika in the Hutt Valley.

  • Providing quality serviceOur prime focus must be to provide quality services. We need to ensure that we have the quality systems, processes, staffing and facilities/technology required to achieve this and that we measure and evaluate our performance.

  • Mix of Services, Service journeyOur people receive services from a range of providers. While we may go with them to support them, we don’t usually know the journey our people are taking through health and social services (what has happened before they come to us and what happens after they are referred on). Our people expect us to know them well and this includes knowing what other services they receive and how the services fit and work together. We need to know more about their journey so we can assist with improvements to achieve the best outcomes and benefits.

  • Information The above drives an expectation that we have the information about a mix of services and service journey. We sometimes get fuller information on a person’s journey through health and social services but this is not part of normal business. We want coordinated health information needs to be expected, recognised, valued and required as part of our role in the wider service provision and as lead providers in the Pasefika community.

  • Evaluation - We know that satisfaction is high for the services we provide. We gather feedback on each service and we survey our people from time to time (e.g. 2016 survey with 80% response rate). We need to further develop our evaluation/research approach and build credibility through partnerships with external expertise in this area.



Our aspirations for a strong connection with our community are that:

  • We know our community leaders and they provide us with input;

  • We gather feedback from our consumers;

  • We evaluate our services in a culturally appropriate way;

  • We regularly engage with our communities to communicate what we do;

  • Communities know our Board Members and invite them in to promote and share information on what we offer;

  • We are seen as a ‘one stop shop’ for Pasefika in the Hutt Valley;

  • Our leadership is a strong voice for Pasefika people;

  • Our community tells our funders about the importance of our leadership role (for them);

  • Our funders see our leadership and want to invest in us (on an ongoing basis); and


The Ministry of Social Development sees us as their partner for Pasefika in the Hutt Valley.


Meet our Board

Reverend Vaegaau (Au) Like
Chair  - Samoan Rep

Reverend Liko is the current church minister for the Congregational Christian Church of Samoan Upper Hutt Parish. He brings to the Board a wealth of experience in management and government agencies where he worked prior to entering Malua Theological College. Rev Au Liko is a very active member of the Samoan community in the Hutt Valley, and his knowledge of community development helps the Board to develop effective service delivery that meets the needs of the community.

Kaliti 4.jpg
Kaliti Kolinisau
Fijian Rep

Kaliti has worked at the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) for over 10 years, and during this time she has also served in the Fijian community in Wellington, developing,  implementing, and supporting community initiatives.  She holds a Masters in Management (Massey University) and is currently leading the Pacific Capability Team at MPP where her role is focussed on helping to increase Pacific representation on State Sector Boards and Committees.   Kaliti is very supportive of the excellent initiatives and of the Team at PHSHV as they continue to work with dedication on services to improve health outcomes for Pacific families in the Hutt Valley.  Kaliti and her family have lived in the Hutt Valley since 2006.  Her husband Taka Kolinisau is a Senior Corrections Officer; and their daughter Lizzie, a Support Officer at the Ministry of Justice. They are members of the Discovery Elim Christian Centre based in Kelson, Lower Hutt.  

Ane Hunkin
Niuean Rep

It is a privilege and a satisfying experience to support the many excellent initiatives the CEO and staff of PHSHV have done to improve better access to health and well-being for many Pacific families in the Hutt Valley.  I was nominated to the Board by the Niue Kaufakalataha Wellington Region committee (NKWR) and I look forward to touching base with the Niue families in the Hutt Valley.  My work history has seen me at various government agencies; the last two at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Race Relations Office.  I am presently working at Parliament.  As far as I can remember I have always been an active advocate for Pacific Island issues and have been on many government Pacific Island boards and committees. I hope to be as helpful as I can in my role as a Board member for PHSHV. 

Pacific Health Services Staff and Board
Andrew Perez
Tokelau Rep

Andrew has worked in the public sector for over 20 years specialising in areas of strategic and operational policy design, development and implementation, project management, relationship management and community and economic development.  Andrew has extensive experience in the education field with special interest in the areas of community capacity and capability building.  Andrew has a wide network of stake holders domestically. He has worked all over the Pacific focusing on providing training in the areas of; cross cultural understanding, effective leadership, financial literacy, systems design, policy design and project management. The objective of the trainings is to empower individuals by enhancing their skills so they can improve their socio-economic status. He is also the chairman and co-founder of the First Community Trust that is based in the Hutt Valley – which is a trust that focuses on wealth creation, raising strong families and education. Outside of work, Andrew is a pastor for Epicentre leading a congregation that is multicultural. Epicentre is part of a network of churches that represents 63 nations.

Pacific Health Services Staff and Board
Nanai Muaau
Nanai brings to the PHS Hutt Valley his many years of management and leadership experience. A graduate from Massey University with an MBA, Nanai is committed to managing the resources of our services to provide a professional, sustainable and culturally safe health and social service to meet the needs of our Hutt community. This high standard of management has seen the service improve, develop and expand over the last 17 years.