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The Wellbeing Programme

The Wellbeing Service provides a holistic group programme which focusses on the 7 Dimensions of Wellbeing:

  1. Physical

  2. Intellectual

  3. Environmental

  4. Vocational

  5. Social

  6. Emotional

  7. Spiritual

The Wellbeing Service is an extension of the successful Faith Led project and is a collaboration of Pacific Health Service, their relevant partners and the group participants.

It is a 3-6 month programme which Hutt Valley Pacific community groups are eligible to apply for. Group participants co-design their programme alongside the Wellbeing team to ensure it is tailored to the specific needs of the group and addresses all 7 Dimensions of Wellbeing. It is also designed to include entire families.

The programme may include activities such as:

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition education

  • Gardening

  • Motivational speakers

  • Health assessments

  • Stress management education

How to Apply

If you have any questions or you are a group in the Hutt Valley that would like to apply to be registered in the next Wellbeing programme please contact us:

Phone: 04 577 0394 


   Mobile Nursing Unit   


  • Community based health assessments, vaccinations and health promotion activities. 

  • The mobile unit is equipped with appropriate equipment to complete health assessments in a safe and secure environment.

  • Also available for combined activities with our stakeholders and partners promoting well-being in community based settings.


Epifania Leoo

COVID Response & Community Engagement Lead

Phone: 04 282 0951 / 04 577 0394

Mobile: 027 277 6996



Hannah Aldersley

Wellbeing Support Nutritionist

Phone: 04 555 1469 / 04 577 0394 

Mobile: 027 381 4507



Dan Olive

 Community Engagement Lead

Phone: 04 577 0394

Mobile: 027 254 2670



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