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Pacific Health Services

About Us

Pacific Health Services Hutt Valley is an independent health service working closely with our Pasefika community of 12,000 people in the Hutt Valley north of Wellington. We provide community engagement, development, support, health services and social services. Our focus is A Vibrant Healthy Pasefika community in the Hutt Valley.  We have delivered value to Pasefika people since 1999. Our Pasefika family-centred approach reinforces family strengths, provides appropriate support and empowers families to live well with greater control over their lives. We are very well connected as a core part of our community and our approach is based on socio-cultural evidence about what works. This includes working through established community networks and a focus on faith-led approaches to service delivery. The nine explicit premises from the Family Centre Report offer a good description of our Pasefika family-centred approach. Our services are very well regarded and we achieve highly on client satisfaction and quality measures. We have built up a range of health and social services in response to community need. 

Our Vision

WELLBEING, Mo’ui lelei (Tonga), Soifua laulelei (Samoa),
Fakatupuolamoui (Niue), Ola manuia (Tokelau), Tiko Vinaka (Fiji), Te Mwauuraoi (Kiribati), Te ola lelei (Tuvalu), and Ora’anga meitake (Cook Islands).”

Our Mission

In order to achieve the above vision, Our mission is:

  • Lead and influence service range and access.

  • Provide services that are effective, culturally relevant, efficient and professional.

  • Be a sustainable organisation.


To achieve our mission and to realise our vision, PHS operation and service provision will be guided by the following values;


‘Ofa – love (Tonga)
Fa’a’aloalo – respect (Samoa)
Oronga ia mai – reciprocity (Cook Islands)
Va Whealoaki – relationships (Tokelau)
Fekafekau – service (Niue)
Veiliutaki – leadership (Fiji)
Onimaki – trust (Kiribati)
Fakatuanaki – faith (Tuvaluan)

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