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Toloa Mental Health Service

A primary mental health and addictions service

The Toloa Service is a “by pacific for pacific” primary mental health and addictions service that is fully culturally connected (based on our Aiga-centred model of care and Pasifika values) and fully accessible to all pacific people in the Hutt Valley through our existing relationships with our Pasifika communities. We see the need for this service every day when our people cannot access culturally appropriate services and either miss out or must attend other services that are less appropriate to their needs and preferences. 


The Toloa Service aims to engage, discuss and facilitate service options, carry out assessment and offer support for individuals and their families.

We apply the 'aiga centered' model of care where our families are encouraged to journey together, so we demystify mental health issues and normalize how we respond to mental health. 'E lele le Toloa 'ae ma'au i le vaivai'. The Toloa (black swan) leaves it's normal habitat to explore it's surrounding environment, but as a Toloa, will always return to it's 'vaivai' (habitat). As Pasifika individuals, we always return to our 'aiga'. 


Referrals from GP and mainstream services as well as self referrals are welcome.

Family Wellbeing Social Services

 Supporting the social wellbeing of families with kids (0-17years).

Family Wellbeing is about supporting the social, emotional, cultural, spiritual and physical wellbeing of children, young people and their families (0-17years).  Skilled activities include engagement, assessment, goal setting, planning, interventions promoting positive change and increased safety, enhancing social outcomes for children, young people and their families.


Key focus areas:

  • Assist with health subsidies and services

  • Budget Advice

  • Housing

  • Care and Protection

  • Careers and Employment

  • ECE Applications


This is through:

  • Information

  • Advice

  • Advocacy

  • Plan and implementation of short term, medium term and long term goals

  • Assessment needs


In addition to individual family support, Family Wellbeing Services provide group sessions and workshops for groups of children, young people or their families in response to areas of need identified.

Alcohol & Drugs Counselling

Culturally safe, appropriate and confidential counselling services

At Pacific Health Services Hutt Valley we are dedicated to providing the best care and support that is also free, culturally safe, appropriate and confidential primary mental health and alcohol and drugs counselling services for Pacific individuals and families living in the Hutt Valley region. 

Through collaboration and partnerships PHSHV will work closely with key stakeholders in the secondary and primary AOD and mental health space, Pacific providers and key Pacific community stakeholders to support pacific individuals. 

Key outcomes for Individuals and their whānau:
  • reduced substance-related harm

  • improved wellbeing 

  • improved access to broader supports to address coexisting mental health and social problems

  • seamless transitions throughout the AOD service continuum, and better coordination with secondary specialist AOD services

Call us on 0800 747 213 - then Press 3 to be connected to our Social Services team.

Useful Resources
Registration Process
  • Initial referral – self referral (from within Upper/Lower Hutt) or from our website download the referral form, highlight Toloa Service and send it back to

  • Triage referral – assessment and process to see if the referral meets our contract criteria.

  • Once referral is accepted, we will assign a member of our Toloa team and arrange a time to meet together and discuss a plan which will include contingency planning and an exit goal.

Practice frameworks: Va’ai Fetu (Ministry of Social Development), Sei Tapu Frame work (Le Va), Aiga-Centered Model, Client Centered Model, Strengths based model.

Helpful Videos
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